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Monographic revision of the genus Euphoria (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae: Cetoniinae)

Jesus Orozco Araujo, University of Nebraska - Lincoln


This work presents a taxonomic revision of the genus Euphoria Burmeister (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae: Cetoniinae: Cetoniini) based on the character study of 16960 specimens from 68 collections. As a result of the character analysis, the genus is divided in fourteen species groups: Areata group, Avita group, Biguttata group, Candezei group, Discicollis group, Fulgida group, Geminata group, Hera group, Herbacea group, Histrionica group, Inda group, Pulchella group, Sepulcralis group, and Verticalis group. Descriptions and keys for all groups and species are included. Distribution maps and diagnostic illustrations (head, parameres, and habitus) are provided for each species. ^ The genus Euphoria now includes 57 species, 9 of which are here described as new. The new species are: E. canaliculata, E. diminuta, E. hidrocalida, E. levinotata, E. mayita, E. montana, E. nicaraguensis, E. vicina, and E. vittata. The following species are placed in synonymy: E. acerba Janson (=E. steinheili Janson), E. atra Bates (=E. humilis Blanchard), E. comminuta Casey (=E.chontalensis Bates), E. fascifera trapezium Casey (= E. fascifera LeConte), E. fuscocyanea Casey (= E. fulgida (Fabricius)), E. hoffmannae Deloya and Nogueira (=E. monticola Bates), E. holochloris Fall (=E. monticola Bates), E. leucopyge Bates (=E. dimidiata (Gory and Percheron)), E. limatula Janson (=E. sepulcralis (Fabricius)), E. lineoligera Blanchard (=E. biguttata (Gory and Percheron)), E. longula Casey (=E. eximia Bates), E. morosa Janson (=E. abreona Janson), E. nigriventris Bates (=E. humilis Blanchard), E. nitens Casey (=E. sepulcralis (Fabricius)), E. precaria Janson (=E. abreona Janson), E. submetallica Casey (=E. yucateca Bates), and E. vazquezae Deloya and Woodruff (=E. candezei Janson). The following names are raised from synonymy and are considered valid species: E. leucographa (Gory and Percheron), E. limbalis Fall, and E. yucateca Bates. Lectotypes were designated for the following species: Cetonia canescens Gory and Percheron, C. dimidiata Gory and Percheron, C. latreillei Gory and Percheron, C. lesueuri Gory and Percheron, C. pulchella Gory and Percheron, C. westermanni Gory and Percheron, Euphoria candezei Janson, E. leprosa Burmeister, E. punicea Janson, E. steinheili Janson, and E. yucateca Bates.^

Subject Area

Biology, Entomology|Biology, Systematic

Recommended Citation

Orozco Araujo, Jesus, "Monographic revision of the genus Euphoria (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae: Cetoniinae)" (2011). ETD collection for University of Nebraska - Lincoln. AAI3558789.