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Rangelands 38(3):113—119


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doi 10.1016/j.rala.2016.02.005


• Due to woody plant encroachment and seeing the need for fire on their lands, private landowners throughout the southern Great Plains have started forming prescribed burn associations (PBA) to assist each other with conducting prescribed fires. • Members of PBAs work together by pooling equipment and other resources, organizing training opportunities, and assisting with prescribed burns on each other’s properties, while teaching upcoming generations and inexperienced members the value of fire in grassland conservation and how to safely use it. • There are over 50 PBAs working in the southern Great Plains. As the number of PBAs has grown so has the need for bringing these groups together. Oklahoma, Texas, and Kansas have formed statewide PBAs to assist and promote the local PBAs. • As PBAs have grown in number, there is now a clear opportunity to develop an organized network of PBAs at the local, state, and national levels that can address cross-scale ecological and jurisdictional challenges limiting their effectiveness.