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December 1992


Published by Journal of Economic Issues 26:4 (December 1992), pp. 1268-1271. Copyright 1992 Journal of Economic Issues. Used by permission.


Twenty-five years ago, Dwight Eisenhower was often depicted as a president with no great competence nor interest in economics or domestic policy issues. However, as those interested in presidential studies know, Eisenhower has been posthumously rehabilitated.

The revisionist literature on Eisenhower is now becoming complete, and John Sloan's book Eisenhower and the Management of Prosperity reflects this revisionism by examining economic policy formation in the 1950s. In Sloan's book, we see an Eisenhower who was not only competent in economics, but was also very aware of the political ramifications of economic policy. We also see in Eisenhower's leadership style a politically astute president who was actively involved in shaping policy. In painting this picture, Sloan provides a cogent, concise survey of economic policy formation in the 1950s.

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