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Birds Associated with Blackbird Spring Feeding Sites in South Dakota

George M. Linz, North Dakota State University
David L. Bergman, North Dakota State University
William J. Bleier, North Dakota State University

Document Type Article

Published in Prairie Naturalist 27(1): March 1995.


From 2 to 16 April 1993, we conducted road-side surveys of birds using harvested fields of small grains, soybeans, and corn within 8 km of two blackbird roosts in east central South Dakota. Blackbirds, waterfowl, killdeer, homed larks, ring-necked pheasants, and western meadowlarks were the most common buds recorded. The frequencies of blackbirds, non-game birds, terrestrial game birds, and waterfowl was not equally distributed within the three habitats (P = 0.U.23).