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Published in A. Jones & B. V. Lundquist (Eds.) Challenges for Public Health at the Dawn of the 21st Century: Selected Proceedings from the Ninth International Congress, World Federation of Public Health Associations, 2-6 September 2000, Beijing, China. Washington, DC: American Public Health Association, pp. 111-113.


Female students were more likely to report global negative expectancies, while male students were more likely to report stronger positive social perception expectancies. The 11th and 12th graders expected more negative effects from drinking including global negative effects and negative personal effects than did the 10th graders. Nondrinkers and occasional drinkers reported greater expectancies of negative personal effects and negative perceptions of drinking than regular-drinkers. In contrast, regular drinkers more often reported expectancies of positive social perception, tension reduction and pleasure. social courtesy, social facilitation. and beneficial drinking. The results suggest that alcohol expectancies among Chinese adolescents in Inner Mongolia vary as a function of gender, grade, and drinking behavior.