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School Psychology Quarterly (2004) 19(3): 288-294.


Copyright 2004, American Psychological Association. Used by permission.


A favorable review of Freeing Your Child from Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder by T.E. Chansky (Crown Publishers, 2004). From the review: "Closely following March and Mulle's (1998) treatment protocol, this book is guided by the philosophy that an individual with OCD must “boss back” symptoms in order to break the symptom cycle. With this approach OCD is objectified (and externalized) as a “brain bully” or enemy that can be overcome with knowledge, determination, and support. Separating the child from his/her OCD symptoms is an effective, concrete technique that children and adolescents will readily comprehend. Such a tactic reminds parents that their child is not OCD; rather, their child sometimes experiences and is challenged by symptoms of OCD. Chansky's knowledge, experience, and genuine optimism are strongly evident in this invaluable resource for parents."