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November 2005


Published in Encyclopedia of School Psychology, edited by Steven W. Lee, Sage Publications, Thousand Oaks, CA, 2005, pp. 112–113. Copyright © 2005 Sage Publications, Inc. Used by permission.


Conjoint behavioral consultation (CBC) is defined as a "structured, indirect form of service delivery in which parents and teachers are joined together to ad-dress the academic, social, or behavioral needs of an individual" (Sheridan & Kratochwill, 1992, p. 122). CBC incorporates a data-based, behavioral approach to supporting children's needs in naturalistic settings within an ecological-systems theoretical framework. CBC is a process that is guided by a consultant (e.g., school psychologist, special educator, or other team member) who facilitates a problem-solving process through the use of technical and interpersonal skills (Christenson & Sheridan, 2001). The foci of CBC are remediating and preventing problems and developing home-school partnerships.