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Elementary Education Online, 10(2), 441-453, 2011. İlköğretim Online, 10(2), 441-453, 2011. [Online]:


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The purpose of this study is to put the suggestions of the students for the solutions towards caring Turkish by examining their projects carried out by Primary School 7th and 8th grade students in the online social networks (Facebook, Youtube, Myspace, Twitter, Blogs) in order to detect the wrong use of Turkish. The case study among the qualitative research methods was used. In the study, 7th and 8th grade students examined how Turkish (language) is used in the correspondences in the online social networks (Facebook, Youtube, Myspace, Twitter, Blogs), detected the mistakes and presented solution suggestions towards the correct use of the language. The students assessed the mistakes in the use of Turkish in the online social networks with the dimensions of the mistakes about the phonetics, the mistakes about the words, mistakes about the sentences and the mistakes about the spelling. The content analysis was carried out in order to examine the answers given by the students to the open- ended questions and their reflections towards the process and categorized under themes. As a result, the reflections of the student relating to the process provided the researchers with 3 main themes. These are categorized as the individual steps, the social steps and the institutional steps and the reflections of the students relating to the process were examined under these three headings. When the reports are examined, it is observed that the students talked about the things which can be done by the students themselves, by the society and governmental and private institutions in order to care Turkish.