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February 2008


Published in Handbook of Research in School Consultation, edited by William P. Erchul and Susan M. Sheridan. Lawrence Erlbaum Associates Inc., New York, 2008. ISBN: 9780805853360 Copyright © 2008 Taylor & Francis Group LLC. Used by permission.


The overall state of scientific research in school consultation may be best characterized as promising but underdeveloped at present. However, it is decidedly not the goal of this chapter to provide a comprehensive review of the school consultation research literature that supports this assessment, largely because other handbook chapters successfully accomplish this goal. Instead, the two major purposes of chapter 1 are to establish an overall context for the handbook and to offer a preview of the book's content. To achieve these purposes, we present background issues, delineate significant influences on school consultation research and practice, specify the purpose of the handbook, and introduce its contents.