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May 2003


Published in JOURNAL OF EDUCATIONAL AND PSYCHOLOGICAL CONSULTATION, 14(2), 157-180 Copyright 2003, Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, Inc. Used by permission.


Conjoint behavioral consultation (CBC), an extension of behavioral consultation, considers home and school settings when conceptualizing a student's difficulty (Sheridan, Kratochwill, & Bergan, 1996). A relational communication perspective was adopted to examine interpersonal control (i.e., attempts to influence and successfully influence) and its relationship to CBC outcomes. Consultant, teacher, and parent influence was measured in 20 CBC initial interviews using the Family Relational Communication Control Coding System (Heatherington & Friedlander, 1987), and outcomes were assessed regarding the acceptability/effectiveness of CBC, consultant effectiveness, and attainment of consultation goals. Results indicated that parental influence is associated with less favorable teacher ratings regarding model acceptability/effectiveness and less favorable parent ratings of goal attainment. Results further suggest that greater importance should be placed on parent behavior with respect to outcomes of CBC.