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English translation of article published in Zhongguo Xing Wei Yi Xue Zazhi [Chinese Journal of Behavioral Medical Science], 14:1 (2005), pp. 71-72.


Objective: To explore a relationship between culture and alcohol drinking
Methods: Questionnaires on western cultural influence and drinking practices were administered to 1,091 tenth, eleventh, and twelfth grade students in five senior high schools in Beijing in January 2002.
Results: The mean cultural orientation scores for the three drinking groups were statistically different, F = 30.64, p=.03. A post hoc test indicated that significant differences in cultural orientation existed between non-drinkers (X=2.98, SD=.28, N=388) and occasional drinkers (X=3.08, SD=.27, N=418) and between non-drinkers and regular drinkers (X =3.13, SD=.26, N=149)
Conclusions: The more westem-oriented the students were the more likely to be drinkers and the more Chinese-oriented the students were the less likely to be drinkers. Western cultural influence was a causal factor affecting Chinese adolescent drinking.