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Published in Zhongguo Xuexiao Weisheng [Chinese Journal of School Health], May 2008, Vol. 29, No. 5, pp. 409-411.


Objective-- To explore the relationship between reported alcohol-use in Chinese youth to other reported health risk behaviors, and to provide bases for their health education.

Methods -- The data of 2003 Global School-Based Student Health Survey in China and related material of survey came from WHO website. SPSS 13.0 was applied for cross-tabulated data analysis and Chi-square test was used to analyze the relationships between alcohol-use and other risk behaviors.

Results -- Students who reported alcohol use within the last 30 days were also at significant risk from direct health behaviors, other health behaviors, environmental factors and psychological factors, especially behaviors as tobacco use/second-hand smoking, drug use, skipped school, physical fight, seriously injury, anxiety and planned suicide etc, with OR value of above 2.0. City-by-city comparisons exhibited the same pattern.

Conclusion -- It is necessary to carry out intervention education against adolescent alcohol use.