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Winter 2005

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Electronic Journal of Academic and Special Librarianship (Winter 2005) 6(3). Also available at http://southernlibrarianship.icaap.org/content/v06n03/igun_s01.htm.


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This study, based on a survey of eighty-one (81) users of a cyber café owned and run by the Delta State University, Abraka in 2005 examines the self-reported level of Internet skills; sources of such skills; the additional skills desired, and preferred ways of acquiring them; and how the Internet has influenced and affected their research. The results show 71% of respondents rated their Internet skills between average and very high; 78.8% acquired their Internet skills either online or through teaching by colleagues or friends. World Wide Web (WWW) skills were the most sought after additional skill (73%). Continuing education and self-study were the most preferred ways to acquire new skills. The majority of respondents reported that they talk less on phones because of their Internet use and that it had improved their teaching and research. This paper concludes that given the current constraints on opportunities for Internet skills acquisition and Internet connectivity in Nigeria and at the Delta State University, the University should pursue vigorously and urgently to completion its current drive (through an ICT department) to install and run a functional and comprehensive Internet and University-wide information system. Thus, the University will ultimately create the enabling environment for Internet and ICT skill acquisition and link the University fruitfully to the seamless World Wide Web.