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Spring 2006

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Electronic Journal of Academic and Special Librarianship (Spring 2006) 7(1). Also available at http://southernlibrarianship.icaap.org/content/v07n01/adomi_e01.htm.


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The purpose of this study is to investigate mobile phone usage patterns among students of the Department of Library and Information Science, Delta State University, Abraka, Nigeria. Through systematic random sampling technique, data were collected by means of a questionnaire from one hundred (110) undergraduate students. Results reveal that a majority of the respondents communicate using their own handsets; the students also use mobile phones at mobile phone shops/booths/kiosks. Some also use friends or relatives phones; while most respondents use mobile phone to communicate with their parents/relatives, there are those who use the phone to send/receive text messages; family matters, followed by finance constitute subject/topic of mobile communication; for most of the students, mobile phone use has limited their need to travel; frequent network/call failure was an inhibition to use of mobile phones to a majority of the students. It is recommended that network operators should increase capacity of their network to solve the problem of network failure.