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Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing Conference (IWCMC), 2014 International Year: 2014


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In order to prevent harmful secret information sharing by steganography, a new active-warden countermeasure approach against steganography is proposed in this paper. Differently from the other countermeasure approaches presented in current literature which need to have some knowledge of the steganographic algorithms to be attacked, our proposed method is a generic method which is independent of any particular steganography methods being utilized. In other words, our approach blindly attacks the steganography without any prior knowledge of the used algorithms or their existence. In general, the hidden information is embedded in a carrier by adjusting the coefficients of the audio or image. In our method, by exploiting the large margin between the numerical value and visual perception of the images, large amounts of visually nondetectable distortions are incurred in the image. As a result, the hidden message is destroyed by this method while the perceptual quality of the image is maintained. Inspired by the print-scan process in which most of the steganographic methods cannot survive, a transform called Discrete Spring Transform (DST) is proposed in this paper as the foundation of our attack algorithm. An image geometrization method is also developed to reconstruct the image in this paper. The simulation results have demonstrated that the PSNR of the attacked image is above 30dB with a high perceptive quality while the BER of the hidden steganographic message in the attacked image is above 0.5.