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Transportation Electrification Conference and Expo (ITEC), 2013 IEEE Year: 2013


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This paper proposes a hybrid battery model-based high-fidelity state of charge (SOC) and electrical impedance estimation method for multicell lithium-ion batteries. The hybrid battery model consists of an enhanced Coulomb counting algorithm for SOC estimation and an electrical circuit battery model. A particle swarm optimization (PSO)-based online parameter identification algorithm is designed to estimate the electrical parameters of the cells sequentially. An SOC compensator is designed to correct the errors of the enhanced Coulomb counting SOC estimations for the cells sequentially. This leads to an accurate, robust online SOC estimation for individual cells of a battery pack. The proposed method is validated by simulation and experimental data collected from a battery tester for a four-cell polymer lithiumion battery pack. The proposed method is applicable to other types of electrochemical batteries.