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EURASIP Journal on Applied Signal Processing 2005:16, pp. 2595–2597.


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In the past years, digital signal processing (DSP) algorithms and architectures for baseband communication systems have fuelled the delivery of applications such as 3G mobile communications and wireless LAN to mass markets. This was made possible by a tremendous growth in the performance of computational devices such as digital signal processors and FPGAs, as well as an increase in sampling rates of conversion devices to potentially several 100 MHz. While the development of both computational devices and ADCs/DACs continues, thus permitting DSP to be applied at IF sampling rates and possibly beyond, the opportunities for further enhancing radio devices by DSP algorithms and architectures arise.

Against this background of development, an IEE/EURASIP conference on “DSP-Enabled Radio” was held at the Institute for System Level Integration (ISLI) in Livingston, Scotland, in September 2003. This very lively one-and-ahalf- day event brought together 120 researchers from both industry and academia with a strong international participation. It was the spirit of this DSP-Enabled Radio conference and the contributions therein that brought to life the idea to this special issue. This issue contains both contributions from the event and responses to an open call for papers.