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Lan Jiang

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Nanophotonics 2019; 8(5): 869–878


© 2019 Lan Jiang et al.

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Femtosecond laser direct writing is widely exploited in surface periodic structures processing. However, this technique still faces challenges in obtaining high surface homogeneity and flexible morphology controllability. In this study, a flexible and efficient approach has been proposed to fabricate highly homogeneous and controllable nanogratings on silicon via chemical etching-assisted femtosecond laser modification. By precisely manipulating the laser-material interaction process, alternating amorphous-crystalline nanofringes are generated when employing femtosecond laser scanning over a Si sample, with almost no material removal. Following auxiliary chemical etching, highly homogeneous nanograting structures are obtained, and the morphology of the nanogratings can be flexibly managed through precisely controlling the duration of the etching process. Complex cross-scale patterns with remarkable structural colors that are visible under indoor light illumination are readily achieved on the sample surfaces exploiting our method. In addition, compared with traditional methods for laser-induced periodic surface structures, the fabrication efficiency is considerably improved. Our processing procedure offers potential applications in the fields of optics, nanoelectronics, and mechatronics.