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Patent No.: US 8.9 5079 860 B2


Appl. No.: 12/783,917


A tunable terahertz resonator includes a semiconductor Substrate and a metal layer contacting a surface of the semiconductor substrate. A depletion layer is formed in the semiconductor substrate near an interface between the metal layer and the semiconductor Substrate. A chiral nanostructure is coupled to the substrate or the metal layer, the chiral nanostructure including a conducting or semiconducting material and having an inductance. A bias circuit applies a bias Voltage across the metal layer and the semiconductor Substrate to control a capacitance of a tunable capacitor that includes the depletion layer. The chiral nanostructure and the tunable capacitor form a tunable resonant circuit. The tunable terahertz resonator can be used in a terahertz radiation emitter or receiver.