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Patent No.: US 8,705,032 B2


Appl. No.: 13/815,487


The present invention relates to ellipsometer and polarimeter systems, and more particularly is an ellipsometer or polarimeter or the like system which operates in a frequency range between 300 GHz or lower and extending to higher than at least 1 Tera-hertz (THz), and preferably through the Infra-red (IR) range up Sh and his th. 100 THz, including: a Source Such as a backward wave oscillator, a Smith-Purcell cell; a free electron laser, or an FTIR source and a solid state device; and a detector Such as a Golay cell; abolometer or a solid state detector: and preferably including a polarization state generator comprising: an odd bounce image rotating system and a polarizer, or two polarizers; and optionally including least one compensator and/or modulator, in addition to an analyzer.