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Patent No.: US 9,995,628 B1


Appl. No.: 15/155,773


A fiber optic sensor, a process for utilizing a fiber optic sensor, and a process for fabricating a fiber optic sensor are described, where a double-side-polished silicon pillar is attached to an optical fiber tip and forms a Fabry-Perot cavity. In an implementation, a fiber optic sensor in accordance with an exemplary embodiment includes an optical fiber configured to be coupled to a light source and a spectrometer; and a single silicon layer or multiple silicon layers disposed on an end face of the optical fiber, where each of the silicon layer(s) defines a Fabry-Perot interferometer, and where the sensor head reflects light from the light source to the spectrometer. In some implementations, the fiber optic sensor may include the light source coupled to the optical fiber, a spectrometer coupled to the optical fiber, and a controller coupled to the high speed spectrometer.