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Adv Opt Mater. 2022 August 18; 10(16): . doi:10.1002/adom.202200510.


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Enhanced electromagnetic fields within plasmonic nanocavity mode volumes enable multiple significant effects that lead to applications in both the linear and nonlinear optical regimes. In this work, we demonstrate enhanced second harmonic generation from individual plasmonic nanopatch antennas which are formed by separating silver nanocubes from a smooth gold film using a sub-10 nm zinc oxide spacer layer. When the nanopatch antennas are excited at their fundamental plasmon frequency, a 104-fold increase in the intensity of the second harmonic generation wave is observed. Moreover, by integrating quantum emitters that have an absorption energy at the fundamental frequency, a second order nonlinear exciton - polariton strong coupling response is observed with a Rabi splitting energy of 19 meV. The nonlinear frequency conversion using nanopatch antennas thus provides an excellent platform for nonlinear control of the light-matter interactions in both weak and strong coupling regimes which will have a great potential for applications in optical engineering and information processing.