Emeriti Association, University of Nebraska-Lincoln


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Recommendations: 1) It is NOT recommended that the Association establish separate criteria from the UNL administrative process nor is it recommended that the Association evaluate faculty for emeriti status. 2) Embrace the document “Emeritus Status for Retired Faculty Academic/Administrative Employees” (attached) which summarizes and details the current policies of UNL and the Board of Regents specifying the conditions for eligibility (age and length of service) as well as privileges and benefits to those awarded emeriti status. 3) A letter be sent by the President of the Emeritus Association congratulating the retiree on their achievement of emeriti status, informing her/him of the association and detailing the benefits that come from emeriti status and membership in the Association. 4) Additional research be undertaken by the Benefits Committee to articulate clearly the benefits that accrue to Emeriti and debunk any existing misconceptions. 5) The President of the Emeritus Association correspond annually to Department and Division chairs/heads information on the Association (brochure) and include for distribution to those newly appointed to Emeritus status the document “Emeritus Status for Retired Faculty Academic/Administrative Employees”. 6) Identify UNL emeriti from a “single” source reflecting the names of those who have been administratively processed and awarded the status of emeritus by the University.