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Fall 2008


Published by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.


Table of Contents:
Family Ties
A Natural Connection: USGS and Endangered Species Research
Recovering Endemic Plants of the Channel Islands
Conserving Bird Communities in the Sagebrush Sea
Ice, Climate Change, and Wildlife Research in Alaska
Bringing Back the Bonytail and the Razorback
The California Clapper Rail and Multispecies Recovery Planning
Tracking Sea Turtles in the Everglades
Hair Samples Shed Light on Grizzly Bears
Understanding Pallid Sturgeon in the Big Muddy
Surveys Reveal Decline of the Palila
How Temperature Affects Juvenile Coho Salmon
Bridging the Information Gap for Mussels
Neosho Madtom: A Small Fish with Complex Problems
Invasive Plants and Pollinator Interactions
Identifying Roadblocks to Recovery
Restoring Endangered Mussels
Conservation Genetics and Species Recovery
Meeting Information Needs for Endangered Species

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