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Fall 2002


Published by the University of Nebraska College of Engineering and Technology: Nebraska Blueprint, 114 Othmer Hall, Lincoln, Nebraska 68588-0642.


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From the Editor

You Never Know Where the Road Will Lead – Civil engineering graduate student takes research on the road.

Feel the POWER! – Quarter-scale tractor team strives for excellence in competition and continues to move up in the ranks.

Independent Study Team Goes Robotic – The story behind the making of a robot by an undergraduate independent study team.

A Fine-Tuned Balance – Biological systems engineering student balances school and musical interests.

100 Hundred Years of Nebraska Blueprint – Serving engineering students of NU for a century, the Nebraska Blueprint celebrates its 100th Anniversary with a look at its beginning years.

From Kilobytes to Terabytes – Over the years, UNL's computing facilities have progressed as academia expects more from its ones and zeroes.

Battle of the Brains: Engineers VS. Lawyers – A tale of an old feud between engineering students and law students many years ago.

Big Hopes for Tiny Device – A group of faculty and student researchers develop a ground-breaking boron carbide neutron detector.

Around the College of E&T [photographs]

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