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Winter 2002


Published by the University of Nebraska College of Engineering and Technology: Nebraska Blueprint, W181 Nebraska Hall, Lincoln, Nebraska 68588-0501.


Table of Contents:

From the Editor

From the Office of College Relations – Restructuring of Dean's Office expands services to students—on all three campuses—and alumni.

College Sees Many Exciting Changes – A letter from Dr. John Ballard, Associate Dean

Coming to America: French Student Experiences NU Culture – Karine Hubert grew up in a small French town with little knowledge about America. Her studies at NU changed all that.

Venturing Out: Students Study Abroad in Germany – Engineering students Mark Dietz and John Prauner learn about more than engineering while studying in Germany.

Ambassadors, Diplomats Take on Leadership Roles

Diversity Scholar

Learning Community

Terrorist Acts Stun Students – Students condemn those responsible for terrorist acts while hoping for good things to come.

Bancroft Hall [demolition photograph]

Included in

Engineering Commons