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Fall 2004


Published by the University of Nebraska College of Engineering and Technology: Nebraska Blueprint, 114 Othmer Hall, Lincoln, Nebraska 68588-0642.


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A letter from the editor . . .

A Green House Effect: Nebraska Embraces Eco-Friendly Construction

A Crumbly Deal – Tires are piling up in landfills, so researchers are presenting new ways to recycle the rubber

A River Runs Through It – U.S. Army Corps of Engineers projects on the Missouri River

How Is Ethanol Made? – It takes more than a plant to whip up what fuels our cars and also fills our bellies

How Do Cell Phones Work? – Cell phone networks work with towers, phone companies so you can chat as you go

What Is Environmental Engineering? – Engineers protect humans through study of health, pollution, environment

Marvelous Motors – A University of Nebraska–Lincoln electrical engineering professor and his colleagues have found a way to decrease American dependence on foreign oil, protect the environment, and save money for both families and industries . . . by increasing the efficiency of the millions of products that contain electric motors

A Humbler Habitat: Tiger beetle finds unsafe home in Nebraska's marshes

Keeping Nebraska's 'Pheasants Forever'

Movie review: Go Further Goes Organic – Woody Harrelson's documentary of his "tour de organica"

Movie review: Climate Catastrophe in Film and the Environment – The Day after Tomorrow

Farm Subsidies Need to Be Reformed – "American farm subsidy policy must be seriously overhauled so that it operates as a safety net for family farms and not as a harmful and expensive payment to large companies"

Virtual Classroom Earns Students Master's Degrees

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