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Fall 2011


Published by the University of Nebraska College of Engineering: Nebraska Blueprint, 203 Othmer Hall, P.O. Box 880642, Lincoln, Nebraska 68588-0642.


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Dean Tim Wei and the Future of Nebraska Engineering

Researching Safety on the Highway – "Cody S. Stolle, a graduate research assistant at UNL's Midwest Roadside Safety Facility, recently conducted research on cable median wires to reduce the number of deadly car highway accidents."

Husker Alum Returns – Dr. Kim Blair, Mechanical Engineering alumnus, spoke as part of the Pierson Lecture Series on innovation and technology development.

Engineering Off the Road – UNL's Baja SAE [Society of Automotive Engineers] team placed 3rd in suspension and traction, 7th in tractor pull, 11th in maneuverability, and 3rd overall with its small, off-road vehicle

Anatomy of an Engineering Disaster – Tsunami and the six Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plants

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