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Fall 2012


Published by the University of Nebraska–Lincoln College of Engineering: Nebraska Blueprint, 203 Othmer Hall, P.O. Box 880642, Lincoln, Nebraska 68588-0642.


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Future Engineers Meet at N.U.B.E. Camp – "Nebraska Undergraduates Becoming Engineers (N.U.B.E.) Camp is an annual event organized by the College of Engineering for newly enrolled engineering students."


Chem-E-Car Success – Nebraska's Chem-E-Car team competed in building a car that runs and stops through use of a chemical reaction

Hsuker Motorsports – Husker Motorspots, the UNL Formula SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) team, builds a car and competes in eight events

Concrete Canoe – An interview with Brent Ciecior, a senior Civil Engineering student, about his involvement with the Concrete Canoe team, which designs, builds, and races a concrete canoe

Engineering Humor

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