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Summer 2007


Published by Nebraska Blueprint, 203 Othmer Hall, P.O. Box 880642, Lincoln, NE 68588-0642.


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Engineering Alumni Join Peace Corps: Volunteers give back to society by teaching others applicable engineering skills. by Natasha Richardson
Graduate’s Career Lets him Explore Sea and Space: Don Skoumal has notable achievements and involvement in NASA’s Sea Launch Project. by Brian Neilson
Applying Nanotechnology to Tanks: Dean David Allen’s research is helping make tanks lighter and stronger. by Kellie Troxel
A Treatment for Hemophilia Could Start Here: Researchers look for a new treatment to combat this dangerous blood disorder. by Michaela McBride
10 Ways to Get the Most out of Engineering at UNL: A soon-to-be graduate gives his advice on completing your engineering degree. by Frank Pribyl
2007 ASME Design Competition: UNL team builds potable water still device for district competition. by Khoa Chu
2007 TEAMS Competition: Competition gives middle- and high-school students an idea of the problems engineers solve every day. by Khoa Chu

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