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Entomology Master’s Project, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, 2022


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This is an illustrative series of selected insects involved with forensic entomology. All illustrations are original hand-drawn works, completed with colored pencils, pen and ink where needed, and colored pencil paper. Each illustration is paired with a summary that includes basic biology and ecology, and their importance to the field of forensic entomology. Preferred collection and preservation methods were also included with each summary. This project can be used in outreach and teaching applications.

Coleoptera 6 Creophilus maxillosus - Hairy Rove Beetle 7 Dermestes maculatus - Hide Beetle 9 Euspilotus spp - Hister Beetle 11 Necrobia rufipes - Red-legged Ham Beetle 13 Nicrophorus tomentosus - Tomentose Burying Beetle 15 Oiceoptoma noveboracense - Margined Carrion Beetle 17

Diptera 19 Cochliomyia macellaria - Secondary Screwworm Fly 20 Lucilia spp - Bottle Fly 22 Megaselia scalaris - Scuttle Fly, Humpbacked Fly, or Coffin Fly 24

Hymenoptera 26 Solenopsis invicta - Red Imported Fire Ant 27

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