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Entomology Distance Master’s Project, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, 2016


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An initiative has been taken up by many environmental agencies for the conservation and restoration of endangered wetland habitats. These unique ecosystems are being depleted of resources and acreage due to industrialization and extensive anthropogenic activities. Bogs are a unique subgroup that are diminishing worldwide. The Springfield Metropark Bog is a newly established conservation area in Summit County, Ohio, in the United States. Insect populations were recorded over four seasons, starting in March 2015 and concluding in February 2016. Samples were taken from 3 different sites within the conserved habitat including field site, forested area, and a manufactured pond. Using a two-way ANOVA test to examine the dependent variables (families and individuals) in R statistical program, it was found that the significant difference in biodiversity of the habitats was between the pond and field. It appeared that seasonal changes had a greater effect on the growth and biodiversity than simply ecological succession over a time period. The overall analysis of families present and increases in their populations shows a trend in increasing biodiversity with many families important as bioindicators being observed in the study.

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