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University of Nebraska-Lincoln Department of Entomology Online Masters Program Final Project. Lincoln, Nebraska.


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This project is a composite of three Next Generation Science Standard(NGSS) aligned lessons aimed at middle school science students. Three E-Learning modules have been developed and uploaded to www.DiscoverEntomology.comto supplement the classroom lessons in a flipped model, whereby students complete the online lesson prior to attending class, application of concepts are explored through activity. Over the course of five to six class sessions and a field trip, students will build their understanding of interactions within ecosystems, the interdependent relationships that form between and among organisms, and the importance of biodiversity, using insects as model study subjects. This project serves to show application of techniques, skills, and understanding gained from Insects as Educational Tools, Presentation Methods, Developing Distance Education, and Program Planning and in conjunction with the skills and processes I use daily as an Instructional Designer. The quality and quantity of available lesson plans aligned to the NGSS standards has been gaining impetus since its implementation in 2013. In reviewing articles, discussions occurring in online forums, and speaking informally with middle school science teachers, I wanted to design this micro-unit to be thorough, but user-friendly so that teachers, already pressed for time in trying to develop new material for class, can locate each lesson, a checklist for preparation, and the handouts for classroom activities.

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