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Western corn rootworm, Diabrotica virgifera virgifera Le Conte, is a corn pest in the United States that has demonstrated overwhelming success an overcoming pest management strategies. Whether it is cultural, chemical, or transgenic control, western corn rootworm has managed to adapt, develop resistance, and create chaos among farmers and agriculture industries. Insect Resistance Management is a component of the Environmental Protection Agency and the Excellence Through Stewardship global organization. The Environmental Protection Agency regulates resistance through laws and regulations and with the help of other government organizations. The goal is to delay resistance, extend trait durability, and protect the environment and human health. The industry coordinated organization, Excellence Through Stewardship, helps with these goals by providing insect resistance management guidelines to agricultural companies and growers. With the development of resistance to control methods, there are several advancements in technology that have allowed for new and improved methods for insect control in agriculture. These new technologies will optimistically provide relief for resistance against other pest control methods, protect the environment, protect human health, and continue to provide food for our rapidly developing world.

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