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University of Nebraska-Lincoln Department of Entomology Online Masters Program Final Project. Lincoln, Nebraska.


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Kit 16A- Insect Adaptation This kit serves as an introduction to a variety of insect adaptations. Learn about how insects adjust to their environment with this selection of images and sounds of various insects. Insects communicate with sound, with visuals, they walk, run, fly, and sometimes even swim, some insects are capable of camouflage, and others are pollinators. This kit provides a book focusing on the chirping of crickets, the reasons they chirp, as well as how they do it as well as a variety of pictures of other insects and their different adaptations that allow then to survive in their environment. If desired there is also a link for cricket purchase for classroom observation.

Kit 16B- Mosquito Basics Learn about mosquito biology, mosquito breeding sites, how to protect yourself from being bitten by mosquitoes, as well as how you can help your local mosquito control decrease the amount of mosquitoes in your area. This kit provides thorough information on what a mosquito is, where it breeds, why it is dangerous, how we can protect ourselves, and how we can help control their numbers.

Kit 16C- Entomophagy Do you want to introduce a new food group to your students? Learn about the types of insects consumed around the world and the history of insect consumption. This kit provides various kid-friendly recipes that include, you guessed it- INSECTS! There are also various other recipes and pictures of what others eat around the world and the benefits to consuming them. Explore new foods and learn about entomophagy, the practice of eating insects by people.

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