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University of Nebraska-Lincoln Department of Entomology Online Masters Program Final Project. Lincoln, Nebraska.


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Why Honey Bees?

Where Do I Begin?

Honey Bee Biology and Behavior

Key Seasonal Hive Activities and Responsibilities

Developing and Adding Value to a Product

Marketing Your Product

Writing a Business Plan

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WHY HONEY BEES? It is a question that many people ask me. I ponder this question from time to time, reflecting back upon my own decision to enroll in a beekeeping course during my last undergraduate semester of college. I had no previous experience with honey bees nor did I know anyone that kept bees. Other than divine providence and a desire to learn about an area of agriculture with which I was unfamiliar, there were no other motivators guiding my decision. However, I am ever so grateful for the decision because it opened a whole new avenue through which I have been able to foster student learning and enrich the life of my family. So we return to the question at hand, “WHY HONEY BEES?”. As an agriculture teacher, student, or parent; there has to be some justification to beginning an enterprise that involves working with thousands of flying insects that can sting. Hopefully, as you read and contemplate the following list of reasons, you will realize both the benefits and possibilities beekeeping holds for you.

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