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The US EPA registration process evaluates pesticides through legal, administrative and scientific procedures that encompass the pesticide ingredients (inert and active); the crop or site pertaining to where the pesticide will be used; the amount, timing and frequency of the pesticide to be used; the disposal and storage practices for the pesticide; and the potential human health and environmental effects that could be associated with the pesticide. The US EPA evaluates and approves all label language that appears on a pesticide label, thus ensuring proper use patterns and that safety measures have been met to reduce any potential risks. All pesticide product labels are reviewed and approved before being distributed or sold in the U.S. with the intent that the label will provide clear and concise directions for use with effective performance that minimizes any risks to the environment and human health. Companies and/or registrants wishing to register a new pesticide active ingredient, a new product for an existing pesticide, or need to add a new use to an existing label must submit an application for registration to the US EPA with at least the following information.

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