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University of Nebraska-Lincoln Department of Entomology Online Masters Program Final Project. Lincoln, Nebraska.


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This teaching guide is meant to be flexible for grades, time, and scope. The lesson plan is designed for grades 2 – 3, but with additional materials can be expounded on for higher grades or simplified for lower grades. It can be used by utilizing all the suggested materials, assignments, and supplements, or can be easily pared down if say you can’t find a book or don’t have internet access for videos. It is a compilation of videos, books, printable pages, interactive activities, and experiments to teach children using fun and interesting methods. It approaches insects with methods for kinetic, auditory, and visual learners to grasp the information. There are links to printables that I should not duplicate, but am free to share.

Invest in magnifying glasses for the kids to look at the insects up close for themselves.

Collect clear containers with lids. These are easy to buy or have the kids bring in one.

It is best to read through the lesson before hand to make sure all printables and materials needed are on hand.

Consider the class terrarium in the second lesson in advance.

There are insects to fit any niche (ba dum-dum). There are many options to consider in how to do this project to adjust for the “ick” factor, budget, time, and space requirements.

One option to consider instead of the terrarium project is buying a kit online or from a bait or pet shop if you would prefer a premade kit to creating one.

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