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University of Nebraska-Lincoln Department of Entomology Online Masters Program Final Project. Lincoln, Nebraska.


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Grades: Pre-K & Kindergarten

Time Frame of Instruction: 40-45 minutes

What Skill Are Being Taught? Through hands-on and listening activities, student should be able to: Identify common insects by sight and sound. Recognize difference between an insect and other bugs such as spiders, centipedes, etc. - Differences should include but not limited to the number of body parts & legs (main way to distinguish between an insect, spider, etc.)

Educational Components of Classroom Project: 1. Science: Students will learn the basics about insect biology and how to identify common “bugs” 2. Visual: Students will be able handle plastic bugs in order to see their similarities but also their differences 3. Listening: Students will listen to the recordings of sounds made by different insects and then match the insect that they hear to possible options on a worksheet 4. Arts: Students will have the opportunity to color pictures of different insects, create pom pom caterpillars/ants, and/or decorate insect collection jars.

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