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University of Nebraska-Lincoln Department of Entomology Online Masters Program Final Project. Lincoln, Nebraska.


Copyright 2020 Glynnys D. Pentecoste


The goal of this project is to create and develop an augmented reality (AR) game that stimulates an interest in entomology and related ecological concepts. This project seeks to leverage AR technology to combine real-world overlays with virtual, computer-generated enhancements to foster or bolster an interest in insects and their natural habitat(s). Using scavenger hunt and geocaching strategies as the underlying conceptual paradigm, students will navigate a series of challenges to virtually collect a predetermined number of insect-related items or tokens. Using a trivia- or quizlet-style interface, knowledge of fundamental entomological concepts will be emphasized throughout. Successful navigation and completion of the game will be predicated upon the ability to apply these concepts across a series of entomological vignettes to obtain required items and bypass a prescribed number of levels. The ultimate outcome of this project should be the creation for a fun, educational game that captures and holds user interest via hands-on, technologically-augmented activities that simultaneously foment or enhance an increased appreciation for insects.

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