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Cimex lectularius (bedbug) has become a severe issue in more recent years due to travel, immigration, and importation of products. Unfortunately, most people do not know their biology hence do not treat these arthropods correctly. Many myths and misinformation are currently available to people on the internet and with pest professionals. Education and proper treatment must eradicate these pests in homes, commercial buildings, and other places. To prove whether or not education with treatment garners better results,ten homes were treated with the same heating and chemical process, with only five being educated before, during and after. All homes were inspected for bedbugs and infestation size, reentry risk, and finally, the number of bedbugs found at each follow up were recorded. It has been shown through the data collected that houses treated had education on bedbugs and an IPM plan for after treatment had far fewer instances of bedbugs on returning visits.