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Published in J. Econ. Entomol. 95(5): 1054Ð1058 (2002). Copyright © 2002 Entomological Society of America. Used by permission.


Blissus occiduus Barber has emerged as an important insect pest of buffalograss, Buchloe dactyloides (Nuttall) Engelmann, in Nebraska. This research evaluated selected buffalograss germplasm for resistance to B. occiduus. Eleven buffalograss selections were screened for chinch bug resistance in three greenhouse studies and two field evaluations. Based on chinch bug damage, NE91-118, ‘Tatanka’, ‘Bonnie Brae’, and ‘Cody’ were rated highly to moderately resistant. These four buffalograsses exhibited minimal damage, even though all were heavily infested with chinch bugs. NE84-45-3 and ‘378’ were highly susceptible to B. occiduus. Field evaluations confirmed chinch bug resistance ratings under field conditions. NE91-118 displayed high levels of resistance in the field screening evaluations, whereas Cody and Tatanka showed moderate levels of resistance, and 378 was highly susceptible.

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