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October 1891


Published in Annual Report. Nebraska State Board of Agriculture for the Year 1891. Prepared by Robert W. Furnas. Lincoln, NE, 1892.


In accordance with custom I present herewith a report as acting entomologist to the State Board of Agriculture. In former reports attention was paid to various insects detrimental to the agricultural interests of the state-sometimes one thing and at other times other things were considered. For the present paper I have concluded to give a review of the subject of the insect enemies of corn. In doing this - it is my intention to follow the plan adopted in Bulletin No. 14 of the Experiment Station, where I treated the insects injurious to young trees growing upon tree claims.

Since the corn crop is the most important of all our productions at present in the state of Nebraska, it should be the aim of every farmer or raiser of this staple to study all the features connected with the cultivation of this cereal. Along with the methods of cultivation and marketing of his crop the producer should pay some attention to the insect and other enemies of corn. Especially is this necessary with reference to the insect enemies. In my last report I gave a list of the various insect enemies of the sugar beet, and it was there stated that at least calculation there were as many as 64 distinct species of insects that bad been observed to feed upon that plant. In like manner, a little trouble on the part of entomologists of the country has revealed the fact that Indian corn is attacked by 100 or more distinct kinds of these enemies.

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