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Published in Environmental Entomology 38(5): 1521-1526 (2009). Copyright 2009 Entomological Society of America. Used by permission.


The timing of application for the management of rangeland grasshoppers (Orthoptera: Acrididae) is critical, especially as insecticides become more specialized and the use of Insect Growth Regulators becomes more widespread. The general seasonal occurrence of adults of many grasshopper species has been well documented; however, their appearance varies widely between years. We analyzed sweep samples collected over the western two thirds of Nebraska from a 3-yr period and noted the occurrence of adults by region for eight species of rangeland grasshoppers. We analyzed occurrence based on degree-day accumulations for the region and developed estimates of degree-day requirements for these species. Because these grasshopper species are common rangeland pests, degree-day requirements to reach adulthood should improve the effectiveness of grasshopper treatment programs over a large geographic area.

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