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Published in Journal of Economic Entomology 81:5 (1988), pp. 1414-1419.


A sodium polyacrylamide polyacrylate gelling agent, Water-Lock G-400, and a galactan polysaccharide agent, carrageenan, were compared for solidifying larval diets of the screwworm, Cochliomyia hominivorax (Coquerel). Water-Lock diet produced larger pupae with less larval mortality than did carrageenan diet. Pupae from larvae reared on the Water-Lock diet exhibited higher emergence and produced adults with higher fecundity. Water-Lock diet also produced larger larvae at 56 h after oviposition. Densities in excess of 300 mg of eggs (16,200 eggs) per liter of Water-Lock gelled diet did not increase larval yield but did reduce larval weight and survival.

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