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Journal of Economic Entomology, Volume 42, Issue 2, 1 April 1949


Copyright 1949 University of Nebraska-Lincoln


Since L. O. Howard's (1906) early report on house flies many entomologists have conducted research on these insects. Their reports range from notes on the hibernation of house flies, Musca domestica L., to lengthy papers on the biology and control of house flies and stable flies, Stomoxys calcitrans (L.). Early control studies stressed the importance of sanitatioll, screening and the use of mist type contact insecticides. These standard control measures have not, however, received much attention in the United States since Wiesmann (1943) reported on the pro-longed effectiveness of a new insecticide "Gesarol." Scores of other workers have also published on the use of this material, now known as DDT, for the control of flies. Today our knowledge of this chemical in relation to flies is steadily increasing".

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