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SCARABS, Occasional Issue Number 80, May, 2016


Copyright 2016 Brett C. Ratcliffe


In January 2016, I traveled to the University of Oslo in Norway to serve as an external examiner for a dissertation defense (on scarabs!) and took the opportunity to study the scarabs in their research collections (Zoological Museum, University of Oslo; ZMUN; http://www.nhm.uio.no/english/). The curator is Vladimir Gusarov (Fig. 1), who is a specialist in Staphylinidae. These collections are of moderate size, and, as you might expect, their holdings are primarily Palearctic and divided into Norwegian and World collections. The specimens are arranged well and housed in modern cabinetry (Fig. 2). Unit trays are employed in the drawers (Fig. 3) for facilitating curation.

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