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The Coleopterists Bulletin, 69(4): 579–638. 2015.


Copyright 2015 The Authors.


A comprehensive revision of the genus Hoplopyga Thomson, 1880 is presented. Eighteen species are redescribed, and two new species are described. A key for identification, distribution maps, and images of the 20 species are provided. Hoplopyga ruteri Antoine is removed from the genus and placed in junior synonymy with Macrocranius similis Schürhoff. Lectotypes are designated for Hoplopyga brasiliensis (Gory and Percheron), Hoplopyga corumbana Schürhoff, and Hoplopyga multipunctata (Gory and Percheron). The following new synonymies are established: Hoplopyga lucidiventris (Thomson) is Hoplopyga foeda (Schaum); Hoplopyga spurca (Janson) is Hoplopyga liturata (Olivier); Hoplopyga monacha (Gory and Percheron) and Hoplopyga rubida (Gory and Percheron) are Hoplopyga singularis (Gory and Percheron). Hoplopyga pseudomiliaris Shaughney and Ratcliffe from Guatemala and Hoplopyga riparia Shaughney and Ratcliffe from Peru and Brazil are described as new species.

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