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Harry Smith was born at Aurora, Nebraska, November 29, 1883. He was brought up as a farm boy and experienced all the rigors of life on a prairie farm in the latter part of the nineteenth century. The hours of work in the fields, from dawn to dusk, made an indelible impression. Admittedly, he escaped from “haying” and “tending hogs” by enrolling in the State University at Lincoln, where he worked his way by waiting on tables at fifteen cents an hour. There he was granted his A.B. degree in 1907 and his M.S. degree in 1908. Insects became his paramount interest when Professor Lawrence Bruner, State Entomologist, offered him a position as a laboratory instructor in entomology with the title of Assistant State Entomologist. Smith accepted the position and later married the Professor's elder daughter. Thus was launched a career which has had and will continue to have a profound influence in the fields of entomology and population encology. ...

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