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Florida Entomologist 85(4), December 2002, pp. 652-653.


U.S. government work.


The lesser cornstalk borer, Elasmopalpus lignosellus (Zeller) (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae), maize causes the symptom known as “dead heart” to maize. The objective of this research was to evaluate if Bt maize would protect seedlings against lesser cornstalk borer damage and whether different temperatures affect the insect-plant interaction.

Two experiments were conducted. Seeds from Pioneer Bt maize hybrids P33G27, P34R07, P34G82, P33A14, and P34D34, expressing the toxin Cry1A(b) were obtained from the market. Seeds from the hybrids Mycogen (experimental) and Garst 8539 expressing, respectively, the toxin Cry1F and Cry9C as well as the control Garst 8539 (non-Bt) were obtained from the seed producers. Lesser cornstalk borer for artificial infestation were obtained from a colony maintained by USDA-ARS-CPMRU, in Tifton, GA.

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